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    My client Nick has been making fantastic progress this year, his goal was to achieve some weight loss and get himself fit again. He enjoys activities like windsurfing … Continue reading

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Personal trainers often forget that for many people exercise is awful. Flashbacks of being picked last for the football team, last place when being forced to run. As you grow … Continue reading

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Weight loss is all about eating the right amount of calories so that by the end of the day, your body has used more calories than you ate (known as … Continue reading

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Wedding workouts.

Awesome work from Ema in preparation for her wedding day.   She wanted to try and lose a few centimetres from her waist and hips to help her feel extra … Continue reading

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A new snack to try that is advertised as high protein. Cacao Orange flavour which are also advertised as gluten free and a source of fibre. In 100g the calorie … Continue reading

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The word gymnasium comes from the Greek gymnasion, a training facility for competitors in public games, a place for socialising and engaging in intellectual pursuits.   This word come from … Continue reading

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Transformations, everyone loves a good one, especially when it’s fast. “Well Judy lost 4st in 6 weeks and looked amazing for the wedding”   Do they really work? Well almost … Continue reading

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