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Getting started

Newcomers to the gym often have a certain idea of what they need to do for a “fat loss workout”. The idea of, if you want to lose weight you … Continue reading

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3 Shoulder stretches

Modern life involves lots of slouching. Driving, staring at your ipad or phone, watching TV and  working at a desk all lead to being slightly rounded at your upper back … Continue reading

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What do you think you should be spending your time doing in the gym?   Biceps? Stretching? Circuits? Biceps? Abs? Biceps? Cardio? Biceps? Your number one thing to prioritise in … Continue reading

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Losing weight and keeping the weight off is a real challenge, it takes a significant amount of time and sacrifice to get where you want to be and then maintain … Continue reading

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    My client Nick has been making fantastic progress this year, his goal was to achieve some weight loss and get himself fit again. He enjoys activities like windsurfing … Continue reading

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Personal trainers often forget that for many people exercise is awful. Flashbacks of being picked last for the football team, last place when being forced to run. As you grow … Continue reading

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Weight loss is all about eating the right amount of calories so that by the end of the day, your body has used more calories than you ate (known as … Continue reading

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