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Real functional training

When I started as a personal trainer one of the big buzz words for trainers was functional training. Many consultations would include the words “I want to do plenty of … Continue reading

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Perhaps other than the keto diet (high fat/low carb) I would say that counting macros has been one of the most fashionable diets over the last year. Many fitness pros … Continue reading

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Those New Year resolutions probably seem like an awfully long time ago.   For whatever reason good intentions fall by the wayside, the gym membership hasn’t been used for a … Continue reading

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Young at heart

Yesterday I posted about recent research into how the health of the heart can be improved through the right kind of exercise.   One of the sessions involved 4 mins … Continue reading

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Young at Heart

A couple of weeks ago I posted a link to a article about how a specific exercise regime had been found to improve the heart health of 45-65 year olds. … Continue reading

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Getting your steps in.

Never underestimate how much good a walk can do for you when you’re trying to get consistent weight loss. The extra calories you can burn from just generally moving around … Continue reading

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Getting started

Newcomers to the gym often have a certain idea of what they need to do for a “fat loss workout”. The idea of, if you want to lose weight you … Continue reading

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