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Want to do a press up?

As I mentioned in a recent blog, I try and get my clients to move well at certain techniques from day one. Upper push/pull Squat Hinge Often a new client … Continue reading

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Creating a Virtuous Circle

Heard of a vicious cycle? Well this isn’t that. A virtuous cycle is one where positive actions lead to positive results and therefore a continued adherence to making the right … Continue reading

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Getting started with strength training part 2

Following on from my post last wednesday, i talked about the four movement patterns you need to learn,   Hip hinge Squat Upper body Push and Pull   But how … Continue reading

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Getting started with strength training

  Strength training is becoming more mainstream and not just seen as something that the guys do over in the weights area. (not that they were really strength training, they … Continue reading

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Learn to love what you see in the mirror

  Wanting to lose body fat is a admirable thing to do, you’ll improve your health and the amount of energy you have, but whether people will admit it or … Continue reading

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Real functional training

When I started as a personal trainer one of the big buzz words for trainers was functional training. Many consultations would include the words “I want to do plenty of … Continue reading

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Perhaps other than the keto diet (high fat/low carb) I would say that counting macros has been one of the most fashionable diets over the last year. Many fitness pros … Continue reading

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