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My First Blogged Workout

Ok this is my first blog and its going to be my first workout post. Hoping to keep my blog quite informal and simple to understand for anyone who’s new to working out or maybe  just thinking about getting started.

So I trained at about 11 today and  I’m currently training for improved body composition, so I’ve being trying to keep the reps and Time under tension relatively high with a pretty minimal amount of rest. After 3 different supersets of exercises hitting different body parts, I finished with a superset of prowler work. Pre workout was 3 scoops of  ON Essential Amino Energy, which gives a pretty good kick.

Gets a bit more complex now!!!

Currently nursing a couple of injuries which i’m trying to work around, any squatting is causing back pain, so having to focus on single leg exercises or machine based leg work. Also got some tricep tendinitis that prevents any pressing at the moment.

So without moaning and groaning about it too much I have to careful pick my exercises so to avoid any significant pain. I can do “non- direct”  arm movements but have to be careful, so most of my focus upper body wise is on my shoulder retractors and lateral rotators which are pretty light but for high reps.

Anyway here it is.

A1 Front foot elevated Split Squats 10 reps  Each side                                                       3-0-1-0 tempo

A2 Face pulls                                              15                                                                                     3-0-1-0

B1 Lying leg curl                                         10                                                                                    4-0-1-0

B2 Prone back lift (Ishemic)                4 reps( in each hand position)                              1-1-1-0

C1 Leg Press                                                 15                                                                                     3-0-1-0

C2 Cable Ext rotation                              15                                                                                      2-0-1-0

D1 Prowler Push                                       approx 80meters

D2 Prowler Drag                                        approx 80 meters

Also did 4 sets of 2 lengths with the prowler full sprint with 10secs rest.

45 secs rest between the exercises and 4 sets of each superset.

Post workout I had a couple of spoonfuls of organic honey and 2 Scoops of Amino work capacity.

Felt pretty good all the way through, face pulls felt great on the rhomboids, split squats not great hard keeping the toes facing forwards. Long head of the bicep still feels tight during the prone back lift, all the more reason to keep doing it.

Prowler was rancid, but anyone who has done the prowler knows that already.

Any questions about my workout I’d be happy to answer. Hopefully post again soon.



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