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Negative Gym Attitudes

ImageI’ve mentioned before how at this time of year a lot of new people make an appearance in the gym all looking to finally reach that fitness goal. In January rushes gone by I’ve heard a lot of negative remarks about these people.

                                                                “They won’t last long”.

                                                                “I hate all these newbies getting in the way”.

                                                                “Look at that guy! Hasn’t got a clue”.

                The most surprising thing about hearing these remarks is when it comes from fitness professionals, both at the gym and online.

                Many people may struggle with achieving their goals, but that doesn’t mean we should be throwing negativity at them the moment they walk into a gym for the first time. Everyone needs support and encouragement when trying to reach their goal, whether it’s when trying to finish one more lap on the prowler or while at home and wondering if they should fix a healthy lunch or make do with a pre packed sandwich. So if you’re a personal trainer, lets get behind these guys and use their new years enthusiasm to your benefit and help them get results. Ask what they need from you outside as well as inside the gym.

                If your somebody who has a fitness goal, surround yourself with these positive, knowledgeable people and use them to get every little tip and piece of help that you need. Find a great gym or awesome personal trainer. They can help you share the load and help focus on where you really want to be.  They can write a diet plan for you to follow and get you to focus if you’re struggling with maintaining it. They can decide what training is best for you and then push you harder then you ever thought you could be pushed.

                                So lets try and support each other with these goals, whether they are new or not and with this positivity we can reach them. Team storm has a team just waiting to get started.




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