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Don’t worry about getting big.

                                The first question any new female client asks immediately after finishing a first weighted set is… and all personal trainers will know the answer….. “I’m not going to get big muscles am I”? It can become a little infuriating hearing this time and again, but it’s important to let your client know why you’ve chosen to use a resistance programme instead of the expected cardio bunny workout and why they won’t get huge muscles from touching anything over a 3kg dumbbell. So why is it so vital that women lift weights when wanting to lose weight? First I’ll explain the 4 main reasons women won’t grow huge muscles and then the reasons why it’s so important that they lift.

  1.     Testosterone. Testosterone is the primary muscle building hormone in the body, encouraging muscle and bone growth. Men naturally produce more testosterone than woman, levels very from person to person but on average men produce 16 times more than women.  This is the major reason women won’t gain significant muscle, testosterone needs to be present the body or it is not willing to create more muscle. For men it can often be hard to create muscle growth even with high testosterone levels, so for women it’s even harder. There are ways of boosting your testosterone levels artificially, but it’s not a route most want to go down.  The only way women can gain the kind of look below is from taking artificial testosterone or anabolic steroids, without these you’re never going to look like this.


 2.    Diet Habits. When you’re trying to significantly gain size your diet has to be significantly different then when trying to lose body fat. Major calories need to be consumed in the right quantities to fuel the growth and encourage testosterone production. So when you’re trying to lose body fat your calories and macro-nutrients (proteins, fats, carbs) will not be enough to encourage muscle growth.

3.    Focus of Training. If you’re completing a good gym programme the focus of your workout will be to try and create a fat burning state within your body, not a muscle building one. Resting time, the time muscle is under tension, sets, reps, can all be utilised for a different response from the body depending on what your goal is.

4.    It’s Not That Easy. I suppose it’s not really a 4th point but still, the previous 3 points I’ve made mean building muscle is not easy. If it was, all the guys you see in the gym doing bicep curls in the squat rack would be huge. Speaking from experience trying to gain lean muscle is hard work, the amount of effort you need to put into eating enough calories, constantly cooking, supplementing to help and keeping your training specific is a lot of hard work and due to testosterone levels it’s even harder for females.

So, ladies if your personal trainer is recommending lifting weights and you’re not sure that it’s for you, don’t worry, the benefits from lifting is going to alter your body in exactly the way you want with many other benefits as well. Look out for next weeks blog where I’ll talk about some of these benefits.


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