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12 week transformation

12 weeks ago my wife Joanne and me decided to train together, we had in the past done the odd session here and there but never anything consistently. I had happened to mention that it would be interesting to see what she could achieve in 12 weeks and her reaction made me realise that we could results. She seemed almost excited at the prospect of being in the gym and perhaps more importantly was keen to change her eating habits.

The first thing we needed was some specific goals, Joannes wanted to lose some body fat and some inches from her body specifically her waist, so her goal was to go from a size 16 (size 18 in denial according to her)  to a 14. Sitting down together we planned a workout that fitted into Joannes lifestyle, she is currently studying at university, working some hours in a doctors surgery, volunteering at Barnardo’s……….oh yeah and she has a 13 year old daughter to contend with. Morning cardio and evening weights sessions everyday simply wasn’t realistic. We decided that we needed to aim for 3, 1 hour sessions per week to try and make a difference.

She also kept a food diary for a week which after looking at I decided on 3-4 small changes she needed to make to try and reach the goals we had set.

Before we started with the sessions, I needed a way of tracking Joannes progress, so I took waist, hip, thigh and arm measurements, her weight and we took some photos. Taking measurements such as these can be very important, it shows the client how much progress they are making, is the diet plan having the desired effect, could we try and speed up the results with some more changes to the eating plan.

The first couple of weeks were designed to allow Joanne to learn lots of different techniques, while at the same time keeping a high intensity. It was also designed so that I could quite simply increase the intensity as the sessions went by, so Joanne would have to start working harder.

Here’s Joannes take on the start of her 12 week journey.


“My husband is a personal trainer. He is dedicated, motivated and determined. When it comes to exercise and clean eating I have none of these attributes. My biggest problem is I’m lazy when it comes to exercise, minimum effort is the most you get from me. I have periods where I’ll attend the gym & clean up my diet, but it never lasts. Then my weight increases and I become unhappy again. This was one of those times & I decided it was time to get back into the gym. My husband came up with the idea of using me as his guinea pig, so, for 12 weeks my diet was to be strict & clean & I was to train a minimum of 3 PT sessions a week.

I was under no illusion, I knew this would be hard, having watched Dave spend most of his time shopping, cooking & eating, I was aware of how I’d be spending my time & socially I had to stop drinking and get used to drinking water on a night out!

What is it I wanted to achieve? I wanted to lose fat, feel more confident, become more active and fitter. I wanted exercise to become part of my life so I no longer thought of it as a chore”.


Here’s Joannes opening statistics and her first photos.

12th May   2013

Waist 92cm

Hips 112cm

Thighs R=63cm L=62cm

Arms R=31.5cm L=31.5cm

Weight 78.2KG

Next week I’ll talk about the process we went through with Joannes training, how she found the diet and if she had started to see results.


If you would be interested in starting a journey similar to Joannes, contact me, David Ball, through Storms facebook page, via e-mail (bally26@msn.com) or on mobile 07919353614.



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