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12 week transformation continued

As I mentioned in my last post, me and my wife Joanne have just finished a 12 week experiment/project where she tried to lose as much body fat as she could.

I had given Joanne her dietary goals for the first 2 weeks, after which we would review her eating plan, then it was time to begin the training. Finding time for her to make it into the gym wasn’t easy with her busy lifestyle, plus the sessions had to fit into the times I was available. But as the weeks went by I found that Joanne was becoming more and more determined to make it into the gym even when time was tight and we managed to complete 3 sessions per week for the first few weeks. Joannes work capacity started to increase noticeable in the first few weeks which meant we could begin to increase the intensity and introduce Jo to Storms  “Prowler”. The sessions were made up of different variations of resistance/weights exercises, sets, reps, rest and weights, all designed to push her muscles to failure and at the same time increase her heart rate, at no point did we do any “traditional” cardio, such as 10mins on a treadmill/X-trainer.

We had agreed to reassess every two weeks and after the first fortnight she had some great results with the measurements, everything was heading in the right direction. This had a terrific effect on Joanne, she’d followed the dietary advice closely and trained hard and had been rewarded with positive results. These positive results showed through in the 3rd week, Jo was more determined with the training and viewed the new, more intense session as a challenge, rather than something to be feared.

As the weeks went by these improvements continued, not only in terms of measurements, but perhaps more importantly she became more and more focused on her diet, seeing the diet as a real lifestyle change rather than “let’s get through 12 weeks then I can go back to normal food”.

I did have to remind Jo that weight loss was never going to be constant, weight loss rarely is, sometimes you may feel that you’ve followed the diet accurately and been smashing the gym sessions and not get the results you deserve. In these times it’s important to remember that fat loss is never linear, especially for women, and “sticking to the plan” is vital.

So at the halfway point Jo had lost 3.1kg (6.8lbs), 5cm from her waist and 3cm from her hips. Jo was actually slightly disappointed by these results I think this was because she felt she looked and felt so much better that she wanted the proof to show on the measurements. At this point I had to remind her that, although measurements can be a great a motivator, you can’t view these results in the mirror and Joanne was increasingly happy with what she was seeing.  


“In the 1st 2 weeks my biggest challenge was the change in diet. I was feeling very motivated towards the training aspect but was having very negative thoughts towards the diet change. I focused on how I’d react without carbs, sugar and caffeine, but I soon realised with a bit of preparation it wasn’t so hard & I quickly started to see results. Within 2 weeks I was less bloated, had more energy & clothes I had struggled to get in to were now much easier fit into.

Seeing results early on was such a boost and made me realise the more effort I put into training the more results I would see. The programmes Dave devised were always varied and flew by. In previous gym attempts I would always end up clock watching, more bothered about how much time I spent in the gym as opposed to how much effort I needed to put in. It’s a great feeling when you’ve completed a session a few times and you realise you’re getting stronger & don’t need as much recovery time.

I decided not to tell many people about my challenge, I felt the more people I told the more pressure I would be putting on myself, & there are always some people who want you to fail & question you at any opportunity!

I found having photos and measurements taken every 2 weeks a good motivator and a great way to keep on target, I think if measurements had only been taken at the beginning and end I wouldn’t have stayed as focused. I almost looked forward to measuring day, even though I didn’t see constant progress, seeing your progress in photos is very rewarding. I didn’t lose weight every time & when this happens it’s very easy to become upset or de-motivated but women shouldn’t expect to lose weight every week as your menstrual cycle can impact on weight/fat loss”.


Here’s Joannes statistics from the halfway point.

23rd June

Waist 87cm

Hips 109cm

Thighs R= 64cm        L= 62cm

Arms R=29.5cm      L=29cm

Weight 75.1kg

Next week I’ll talk about Joannes final results and where we’re going to take her training next.


If you would like to start your own transformation contact me on 07919353614, via the Storm facebook page, or e-mail bally26@msn.com.



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