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Here’s the final part of the 12 week journey my wife Joanne has been on as she tries to lose as much body fat as she can.  


The 2nd six weeks of Joannes 12 week journey continued much the same with Joannes motivation high. We had begun to reintroduce carbohydrates back into her diet and we did this  by cycling between high, medium and low days. This took a little bit of getting used to for Joanne, she had to get very specific with the amount of carbs she needed to eat and how that correlated into actual food, depending on which source she was going to have. For example eating 175g of white rice would give the same amount of carbs as only 80g of oats.

Jo was now taking some supplements to help with her goals, one was a protein shake after she trained, this was a simple whey protein shake with some sugary carbs to help Jo recover quickly from the workout. She was also taking a multivitamin, probiotic, Vit D and a high quality fish oil. These weren’t specifically to help her lose weight and are more to do with general health and well being, something which was becoming more important to encourage as we started to look beyond the 12 week period. Supplements can be a tricky subject, some view them as a waste of money as you can gain all the nutrition you would need from a balanced diet, but the fact is with the low quality of food that we have access to these days some nutrients do need to be supplemented.


So at the end of Joannes 12 week journey she has had in my opinion some fantastic results. She has dropped 5.5kg (Approx 1 stone), lost 7cm from her waist and gone from nearly a size 18 to almost a 12. In the 12 weeks, she has been to the gym at least 3 times every week, sometimes at 9am on a Sunday morning and on days where she really wasn’t in the mood but came and worked hard nonetheless. For the full 12 weeks Joanne has stuck to her diet, she had only 2 “organised cheat days” where she treated herself then immediately was back to what we’d agreed. Her attitude throughout got better and better becoming more interested in training and nutrition and seeing well past the 12 weeks original goal. She’s now set herself some new goals to try and continue to lose body fat for a little beyond the 12 weeks and then perhaps try something very different like a strength goal such as trying to complete pull ups and press ups or trying to improve her 1 rep max bench press.


Her final results (taken on the 4th of August) are on the right the originals on the left.


Waist 92cm 85cm

Hips 112cm 104cm

Thighs R= 63cm       L = 62cm R= 57.5cm   L= 56.5cm

Arms R = 31.5cm   L = 31.5cm R= 28.5cm   L= 28.5cm

Weight    78.2kg 72.7kg

Dress size      16-18 12-14


This meant she had lost,

Waist 7cm

Hips 8cm

Thighs R = 5.5cm L = 5.5cm

Arms R = 3cm L = 3cm

Weight 5.5kg     (12lbs)


“I am so pleased with my results, dropping two dress sizes has made me more confident, comfortable and happier.

The biggest change has to be my attitude towards fitness. I really enjoy the training sessions and the challenge of pushing myself. They have become part of my life and no longer think of exercise as a chore.

I’m proud of how hard i’ve worked and everything David tried, has given me results, but it hasn’t been easy. I definitely enjoy the training more than the diet side, I have had to change the way i think about food and a lot of times I eat because I have to, not because I want to. Some weeks I felt like I was eating  the same things day after day & I’d eaten so much chicken I couldn’t stand the smell of it cooking, so if I was to change one thing it would be looking into some recipes for a bit of variation.  Some training sessions were so hard, using the prowler for the 1st time was so exhausting but I think of it now as a challenge, trying to get faster every time I use it.

   Training at Storm has been inspiring and has played a bit part in my success, seeing people who push themselves hard, rubs off on you and makes me want to push myself harder. The best piece of advice I could give to anyone starting a similar journey to me would be to trust in the process, staying dedicated to the training and diet is vital from day to day, keep reminding yourself why you’re committing to your goals.  My next goal is to lose some more body fat and then concentrate on strength training in order to become stronger”.



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