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At Storm we feel that continuously learning is vital to us being able to give the best possible service to our clients, which leads me into this new blog.

I think all personal trainers can agree the number one “goal” you tend to hear from new clients is “I want to lose weight”. The client is probably someone who weighs themselves on bathroom scales, constantly hoping to see the figures coming down. The issue though? What is decreasing? Is it muscle or fat? Losing one or the other makes a huge difference in the change in body shape you would see and unfortunately the scales can’t tell you what it is thats decreasing.

The attached image shows up very clearly the huge difference body fat can make, in both images the guys weight is 158 lbs, but his body fat is visible lower. If you can lower your FAT rather than lowering your WEIGHT you can make huge aesthetic changes.

With this in mind, me (David) and my co stormer Lome Faatau have just completed our International Standards for Anthropometric Assessment level 1. This course is designed to give us the skills to measure how much body fat a person is carrying, and therefore track exactly what is changing with the body rather than just weight. We spent a great 3 days down at St.Mary’s University College with 9 other willing students being taught the theory and practising the techniques for taking these measurements. The course was a mixture of lectures and practical work, the lectures were designed to give us an insight into the various uses of the measurements as well the theory behind how to take them.

Anthropometry can be described as “The measurement of human body composition” We were taught how to take 17 different measurements, which when combined will allow us to develop a description of the body. These measurements were mass, stature, skinfolds, limb girths and joint breadths.

Using these techniques and placing the results into various equations we can build a picture of our clients physiques which is far more detailed than weight only, we can calculate what percentage of our clients is made from fat free-mass and what is fat-mass. Then with repeated remeasuring we can see if they are heading in a positive direction.

So if you would like to pop into Storm for an ISAK profile drop me or Lome a message via the facebook page or twitter, @ballavont @lome_faatau.


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