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Yesterdays workout


Just thought I’d post what training I did yesterday, currently been struggling with a posture issue which has led to some back issues plus a elbow issue which prevents any pressing. Due to this it’s been a struggle trying to get some big lifts in like bench press and squats as those movements cause too much pain. I can manage deadlifts though and with trying to put more emphasis on keeping strong abs my ab strength is improving. I recently read about correct chin up technique and for a long time I have been crossing my ankles behind my back, which may have been exacerbating my back issue. So yesterday I kept my legs straight and feet slightly in front of me, again forcing my abs to work harder then they are used to.

                 Too try and keep the plan of moving heavy weights but without testing my back I finished with 3 strongman exercises which meant I could use big weights without the risk.

Here’s what I did

                           Deadlifts                 10sets of 6 reps, superset with

                           Chins                       10sets of 6 reps, 1 min between exercises


                             Sled drag 3 sets of 40meters 1min rest

                             Heavy Prowler push 8 sets of 5 meter sprints 10secs rest

                             Farmers Walk 4sets 20meters 30secs rest


Just thought I’d post up this workout up because it was great fun, exhausting but fun. The prowler was fun trying to get up to top speed as quickly as possible with a heavy weight although by the 8th set the acceleration wasn’t there!!! The hardest aspect was maintaining the strong core through the chins and deadlift, almost feeling like I was lifting through my midsection.

                     Try and keep the rest between exercises to a minimum and if your grip strength starts suffering try some straps on the deadlifts once you need them.




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