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Look in the magazine aisle of your local supermarket and you’ll notice a growing selection of fitness magazines, there’s ones for bodybuilders, runners, triathlon, martial arts, one for male gym goers and one for female. The list seems to get bigger and bigger. All of these magazines will every month contain an article about a diet plan, depending on what you read it’ll be about how to get lean or get big. The gossip magazines are full of these diets as well, targeting women they usually mention losing weight, detoxing or fitting into your little black dress (my own current S.M.A.R.T goal). The article itself will be describing how you’re going to get results by eating certain things at specific times from one day to next day and how within a few weeks you’ll have lost/gained a certain amount of weight.


These eating plans will be based on something that has worked for somebody somewhere at sometime. Whether you agree with the notion of the diet being “healthy” or not is besides the point, if a eating plan has worked for someone, then inevitable someone else will try exactly the same plan.


This is when I feel that problems arise, everyone is unique and therefore won’t react to the set plan the same way. People will react differently to different levels of macronutrients, one person may be able to get significantly lean on 400g of carbs per day another may have to go virtually carb free to achieve the same results. At a macronutrient level what works for one person will not necessarily work for everyone.


People’s taste in food can also play a role, a client of mine finds the texture and taste of meat awful and so chooses not to consume it, she therefore has to gain her protein from other sources. Telling this lady that a meat and nuts breakfast is the best way to lose weight is pointless as she simply wouldn’t be able to follow the plan. The client may be a vegetarian or vegan. The food choices must suit the individual.


A persons lifestyles may also prevent the diet from being successful, I am currently trying to have 5-6 meals per day to try and help me lose body fat, I can manage this due to the nature of the hours that I work and so far it’s proving successful. But if I suggested to a police officer that this was the best way to lose weight, is it really realistic to expect him to carry tuppa-wear for his 3-4 meals around with him as he works? Of course not, so this option wouldn’t work so we need to find an eating plan that fits the individual.


The point I’m trying to get to is that nutrition plans should be unique not generic. Sure basic plans can be used for inspiration and may teach better food choices, but they don’t account for the points mentioned above so a one size fits all approach will rarely work. We need to examine what the clients are eating, when they are eating it, how much of it? Have intolerances been taken into consideration? Have they been following a specific diet for a while, for example have they been following a very low calorie diet for a long time? What foods do they not enjoy? All of these things need to be considered on an individual basis and changes made to the clients habits slowly. Make small changes to your diet week by week, see what works, what doesn’t, make a note on how certain foods make you feel and keep track of how your body is changing by having your body fat measured and photos taken, so that you’re accountable for your actions. Find what works for you.

If you would like help with changing your eating plan and having your body fat measured, whatever your goals may be, contact me David on 07919353614 or @ballavont on twitter.



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