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Embracing your flaws.


At a #teamstorm meeting a few weeks ago, we were talking about how we feel we can improve as personal trainers. It can be a strange feeling openly talking about where you feel you need to improve, especially when you’re surrounded by a bunch of very knowledgable guys. We openly talked about where we feel our personal strengths and weaknesses lie and then talked about how we can improve these weaknesses, we all realised that many of our personal areas of weakness were other members of #teamstorm strengths. This meant that by simply asking for a little help from a team member we could improve as personal trainers.

The area that I wanted to improve upon was studying movement patterns, by watching certain movements you can pick up on muscles which may be tight or not “firing” correctly and then use various techniques to try and correct this. After the meeting I arranged to meet with Dan Urwin who is our flexibility specialist, he spent an hour with me discussing how he uses movement screenings and stretches within his sessions. I also met with Spencer Davey who took me through how he approaches movements screening and gave me some ideas on how I can improve my own movement patterns as well as my clients. I’m also going to a course on mobility at the end of the month which should give me more ideas so I can improve the service I offer my clients.

So remember if you’re struggling with any part of your training or diet instead of struggling on, ask somebody who can help, don’t be ashamed to admit that someone may know more about a particular topic, that way you can move forward and move closer to your goals.

If you’d like some diet or fitness advice or a ISAK body composition analysis, contact me David Ball on 07919353614 or @ballvont on twitter.



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