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5 things I learnt on my Mobility course.




On the 22nd of November I (Storm trainer David) visited crossfit Thames to take part in the Crossfit movement and mobility course fronted by Jami Tikkanen. He works with the guys at MobilityWOD.com and also works with competion level crossfit athletes. The course was designed to teach, amongst other things, how to help prevent injuries, develop better movement patterns and effective mobility improving techniques.

Here’s 5 things I learnt on on this course.


  1. Mobility drills needs to be practised EVERY DAY for 10-20 mins and each position or movement should be held for a MINIMUM for 2mins to achieve improved mobility.

  2. “How you do anything, is how you do everything”. 20mins of mobility everyday is great but you need to be thinking about your postural position throughout the whole day. How long have you been sitting, slouched forward, hips flexed? I’m often standing at work for long periods so I have to remind myself to keep my glutes and abs tight and try and keep my weight on both legs with my feet forward.

  3. Voodoo band work is awesome for mobility, check it out on youtube for some examples.

  4. Setting yourself up for an exercise is vital. Are your feet in the correct position? Have you braced your belly and squeezed your glutes? Are you putting pressure on your cervical spine by desperately trying to lift the chin? All of these will be detrimental to your lift before you’ve even moved the bar.

  5. A kettlebell in the psoas hurts like hell.


So I’m currently spending time everyday working on the mobility in my ankle, techniques such as voodoo band work and banded distractions will hopefully improve this and get my squat technique back to it’s best.

If you’d like to train with me, David Ball, contact me on 07919353614, via twitter @ballavont or by e-mail bally26@msn.com.



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