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A workout as unique as you.

Have a look at the attached picture, can you guess what the activity/competition these ladies train for? Which lady would you say has the best physique?

Answers from left to right,

Body Builder


Olympic weightlifter


Ballet Dancer


So which lady has the “best” physique? In terms of aesthetics, that answer is personal to everyone. In terms of the athletes ability to compete in their event, each lady has the best physique. They have a workout and nutrition plan unique to their event, tailor made to give them the best possible chance of success. The gymnast would not follow the same advice as the weightlifter, both are expected to complete very different tasks, both of which require equally impressive feats of strength, therefore training sessions would look very different.

But even within their sport different athletes would focus on different improvement areas, one bodybuilder might need to put more emphasis on improving their calves, while another might want bigger shoulders so more time would be spent improving that specific area. Past injuries may need to be taken into account, with time spent on mobility rather than strength gains.

Diet wise, if one player in a team struggles with keeping body fat low, it would make sense to give them a modified diet plan rather than a generic one designed for everyone on the team.

How does this have relevance to the non-athletes in the gym? Be unique to what you want to achieve, yes you can get some great guidance and advice from people around you, but your goals, lifestyle and needs are unique to you and therefore your training and diet should be as well. What if the latest little black dress diet, which is guaranteed to get you to a size 8 in time for christmas, requires you to go the gym 5 days per week and eat every 2 hours, but realistically you can only manage twice per week and you’re a nurse who doesn’t have the opportunity to eat that often? It won’t work. The diet and exercise plan you follow is only going to work if YOU can follow it. That’s why so much more needs to be considered when deciding on your diet and exercise plan.

That’s why a good PT can help you, they can help you develop a diet and workout plan that fits around your lifestyle, not just a list of things you have to do to get results, no matter what.

If you’d like some diet and fitness advice get in touch with me, David Ball, at @ballavont, bally26@msn.com or 07919353614.



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