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10 things I learnt at Storm in 2013.

  1. Carbs are not (completely) the enemy. Using them in the right quantities and at the right time is vital.

  2. Most people need to eat more healthy fats. I’ll blog again about this soon, but i’ve recently been seeing a lot of food diaries and have noticed a real lack of fats. Given how vital they are this is really worrying.

  3. Robbie LOVES a tanning session.

  4. Mobility needs to be practiced everyday to get results.

  5. Being around great trainers is really motivating. Personally and professionally.

  6. You’re probably not training intensely enough. Get yourself in an environment that demands excellence.

  7. There is no hiding from a body fat test. After I took my ISAK body composition course and began to use it with my clients, my clients became far more focused on their training and nutrition realising that they really were going to be held to account.

  8. Spencer LOVES coffee.

  9. I really needed to focus on my technique ahead of simply lifting for lifting sake. After suffering with a back injury for the majority of this year I realised how I needed to go back to basics with my squat technique. Sure it has changed the way I can train but I can still train hard and long term I should be pain free and lifting more than ever. I also feel like my ability to monitor my clients technique has improved because of my personal experience.

  10. The prowler, in any form, sucks big time.

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