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Client Profile: Maria




Often people seem to get the impression that Storm is all about training young guys to get massive or Athletes trying to get faster. This however couldn’t be more untrue, with a wide variety of clients working hard at Storm everyday, all with a huge variety of goals and issues to deal with.

One of my own clients, Maria, has been seeing a different personal trainers for the last 10 years and spent the last 3 years training with myself . Her goal when I first met her was about “keeping fit and trying to lose some weight”.  Maria had already been training with a different personal trainer at the gym I was at, so I had seen the kind of sessions she had been doing and she wanted to keep going with those high intensity weights sessions that really pushed her hard.

She has moved across to Storm to continue training with me 3 mornings per week and also does some training on her own. Maria is retired but cares for her brother who is unfortunately very unwell, which takes up a lot of her time and really adds to her stress levels. She sees the gym as “me time” and genuinely loves training. We have slowly adapted her training to help with her flexibility and her ability to move well, rather than simply moving to complete reps. We often spend time stretching and completing mobility drills as she finds this relaxing and brings her stress levels down. Sometimes we’ll start pushing it and start working hard with the prowler. Whatever it is that Maria is asked to do, she always puts 100% into her training and never quits, putting many other people to shame with her effort. So well done Maria, training you is a real pleasure, and take note people, if you’re ready to put the effort into your sessions Storm is here to create the perfect programme for YOU and your goals.

If you would like some advice on your fitness goals contact me, David Ball on 07919353614, follow me on twitter @ballavont or e-mail me at bally26@msn.com.


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