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Tough Mudder, Chapter 1


 Late last year, a bunch of guys I know did the tough mudder course in Yorkshire and raved about it. If you don’t know what tough mudder is it’s “a hardcore 10-12 mile obstacle course designed by special forces to test your all round strength, stamina, determination and camaraderie.” Check out the website if you’ve never heard of it, it basically involves obstacles with mud, fire, ice-water and electricity thrown into the mix. It’s not so much a race it’s more of a challenge, doing it as a group is recommended and time isn’t a factor it’s purely a case of getting from A to B and enjoying a well earned pint at the end. You run as a group, helping each other through mental barriers as well as physically, starting and finishing as one. I mentioned to my wife about the race, she became really committed to getting in shape last year and has done really well, (see my earlier blogs). She did her own research and decided she quite fancied it, I asked her if she was serious, she said yes. She mentioned it again, so I suggested she looked at some clips on youtube and then decide if she was really serious. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jwPhpFmY5fY) She was still keen!!! So I thought what the hell. We decided to try and get a team together who could dominate the event, unfortunately they weren’t available, so we asked amongst my friends and slight interest turned into some definite yes, some maybes and some hell no’s.

              So it was, that a few weeks ago I signed up me and Jo for the 14th of June Edinburgh tough mudder, we think we have a team of about 8 people who are going to dominate. So it’s now time to train for it, it’s a very physically demanding course, apart from the 12 mile run, which is often through mud, up and down hills, you need to be able to lift your body over obstacles, crawl under barbed wire or through tunnels, carry teammates while running and much more. So how to train for this, that’s the challenge for next few months. Obviously I need to start some running to get my legs ready, something I haven’t done for a long time. But how else can I prepare? I’m going to keep track of how I attempt to prepare myself, as well as the rest of my team for this challenge. Get ready for some pictures of my mate Gary spewing outside the gym for everyone to see. I know i’m excited.


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