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Tough Mudder Chapter 2


So we’ve just completed our second group session as we prep for tough mudder, last week we completed a circuit that tried to incorporate some of the different elements of tough mudder. This involved commando crawls, pull ups and monkey bars. In between these and 5 other exercises we did 40secs of running, which roughly totalled a 12min circuit, which we completed twice. Although most people in our group found it pretty tough, I think everyone enjoyed it. Sure there was some “ear popping” moments, a bout of sickness and approximately 5 hours of hiccups post workout?!?!? But I think we all saw the benefit of what we did.

We also had some piggy back races to get used to carrying each other, which could well be one of the obstacles, it was good fun as well though with Ade and Carney just beating myself and Andy 2:1.

This week I gave us an extra set of the circuit and was a bit stricter with rest time, we gave the piggy races a miss. 2 of the team from week 1 mysteriously went missing after enjoying Burns night a little bit too much.

As we continue through the weeks I am going to try and keep the idea of bodyweight movements as the key, most of the guys on the team currently struggle with lifting and supporting their body weight, as most of the events involve these aspects I want us all to get used to being tired and out of breath from cardiovascular work but still being able to “climb everest” and “hangin tough”.

Next session I may introduce some abdominal work and get the team used to carrying more heavy weight.

Stay tuned as I try and turn our team into a fighting fit dream team, toy with the idea of licking a battery as we run to get ready for “electroshock therapy” and see who can be the first to “christen” the toilet.



Oh and I think I’ve found the perfect technique for electroshock therapy.




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