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Tough Mudder 3

Another week, another session. Few number changes and peoples social lives interfering with training 😉 but 3 weeks in everyone has done at least one session and most two. Plus everyone has done the tougher 3 times through the circuit.

Couple of problems this week with our first injuries.  Alex M, cried off the session because he “twisted his ankle” and Joanne deciding the best way to celebrate completing monkey bar swings for the first time was to dismount onto the metal bar with her shin. Not that the blood and protruding bone stopped her from completing a 3rd circuit. Adrian went hardcore cycling from work in a gale for 4 miles then smashing the circuit. Unlike Alex who was too busy sitting with his foot raised tucking into his Sunday dinner.

Finished slightly differently this week with some farmers walk. These are heavy kettlebell carries for 30m which we supersetted with a plank hold for approx 20secs as your partner completed the walk. Some awesome technique was on show for this one, Carney went for the following Plank technique.


While Claire went for the strutting cockerel approach for the farmers walk, with her head travelling faster then her legs.


But all joking aside the team has performed well and everyone seems to realise that its going to take some real hard work and commitment to do well at the event and if we carry on the way we have been we’ll dominate it.

Next Sunday is going to be a change of pace starting with some strength work on pull ups and press ups. Excited? I know I am.


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