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Tough Mudder Chapter 4

Tough Mudder chapter 4 is here. The guys have been “nailing” pull ups for the last 3 weeks and some monkey bar swings. 5 sets of approximately 4 reps, sometimes with a band to help a little, or even me getting some shoulder work in by helping to lift them up. Everyone on the teams had a go at them now with people genuinely improving. Expsun is no getting a decent amount of reps although he needs some encouragement to push a little harder sometimes. Joanne is getting closer to using a weaker band as her strength increases. Unfortunately the latest session wasn’t without incident with Alex M being given a horrific wedgie from his team mates Expsun and Joe, that resulted in the first ever male camel toe I’ve ever seen. (Hopefully the last)

A couple of circuits followed the strength work with some tough mudder functional movements like a rope climb, commando crawl, and bag carry being completed all at a high intensity.

Finally I introduced the guys to the prowler for the first time, 1, 20m run for each of us, waiting for your team mates to go, then going again. 8 times each. Alex hit it hard every time and was left puking, but I think the prowler is best summed up with this picture. Well done Expsun.




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