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After hearing some stories from clients about starting training or changing their diets, I wanted to write an article about trying to change something when everything around you doesn’t want you to. I specifically mean people, action seems to spur people on to criticise what you’re doing rather than supporting what you want to achieve.


I’ve read a couple of articles online about this subject, (I do like some of the sentiment in this http://www.t-nation.com/powerful-words/action-offends-the-inactive) many of which are quite harsh and seem to call people out as leechs trying to suck the motivation out of you and I think it’s important to understand the different directions that criticism can come from.


Firstly, I think most peoples comments come from a place of simply not understanding what it is you want to achieve, or what the motivation is behind certain actions. For example, comments like “you don’t want to lift weights you’ll get to bulky” or “eating that many eggs will give you high cholesterol” comes from not having knowledge rather than just being negative, the negativity is probably coming from a good place. If you can explain to a person why you’re completing certain actions and why your goal is important to you, they might start to except them.

However the people who are scared by your actions are people to be avoided, your drive and determination has highlighted a weakness in themselves and people don’t like to be reminded of their own weakness. If you’re succeeding in a goal that they desire e.g. fat loss, you’re a constant reminder that they have failed, it wasn’t the fault of the exercise class that was on at an inappropriate time. It wasn’t the fault of the diet that didn’t work for them. It was their fault.


So when you’re told “one piece won’t hurt” when the latest bit of cake gets shoved under your nose at work, or someone tells you “careful you don’t want to get too skinny”, (I even heard one story of a lady warning against too much protein in your diet as she moved on to her second piece of cake before lunch time), Think about why this person is making these kind of comments. If it’s from a place of genuine concern? Then try and explain why you need to do these things and why it’s important to you. If it’s someone who is reminded of their own weakness, then to quote the article linked above “Remember, action offends the inactive and that’s their problem, not yours.” Remember all this hard work and dedication is for you and if the people around you don’t understand that, do you really want their support?


If you would like any fitness advice then contact me David via, bally26@msn.com, @ballavont on twitter, or mobile 07919353614.



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