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Since passing my ISAK course, I have been taking a lot of body fat readings from men and women all who have very different shapes and sizes. This test enables us to look at how much of the body is lean tissue and how much is fat. The almost guarenteed question that I get, no matter what reading I might come to is, “What should I be”? No matter how many times I mention, that the only thing that matters is if you personally want to lose body fat, is to bringing this number down, they still ask “yeah but what should I be”?

This got me thinking about two issues, firstly, body shapes. Although two people may be the same body fat, there height, weight and skeleton shape are still huge factors so their appearance may be very different. So trying to achieve a certain “look” may be unachievable to matter what body fat percentage you are.

Take a look at the attached images, different body fats every single one of them, but the truth is, although you may be able to get to a similar number to match the picture, that doesn’t mean you’ll look identical to them. Don’t pursue a look that is unobtainable to you. (Coincidentally I don’t think some of these pictures match up to the suggested body fat percentage)

Secondly, look at the pictures again, what “look” would you see as desirable to have. Which ever one you may choose, that choice is completely personally to you, nobody else. If you feel like you need to drop some body fat, then that’s your choice nobody elses. Don’t let someone else tell you what you should be. Some of my clients who’ve been successfully losing body fat have been told by “friends”, “Oh but you don’t want to get any skinnier”!! That’s not their choice it’s yours, so if you want to get a little leaner then you go for it. Want to build some muscle? Good for you, challenge yourself to do something most will never have the nerve to do. Don’t let others dictate to you how you should look.

If you’d like to chat about your nutrition or exercise plan, or would like to book in for a ISAK body fat measurement contact me, David, via bally26@msn.com, twitter @ballavont, or on 07919353614.



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