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A change of approach.


Over the nine months I feel like I have had a nutritional and fitness epiphany. I’ll let you in on a secret, I’ve never really been happy with the way I look, too skinny fat in my opinion and I have had a constant battle to change that. Before I was a personal trainer I followed the usual idea of, “I want to lose weight, better do some cardio”. But slowly I took more interest in the weights area of the gym, which has led into my career. Still though over my years as a PT I have, on a personal level, consistently followed the idea of, high intensity workouts, little to no rest, often circuit style workouts and tabatas. My diet was very strictly a low carb approach, for a long time I was very, very low carb and rarely eating treats. This did result in some fat reduction, but I became tired and irritable, coupled with long days this wasn’t a sensible approach, plus I never really got the results I wanted.  When I stopped getting results I always thought “I need to up the number of sessions” and “I need to be stricter with my diet”.

Since working at Storm I’ve changed this approach, carbs are now back on the agenda when appropriate and I’ve slowly and sensible began increasing my calorie intake. I try to keep a constant track of what I’m eating so I know exactly how I’m fuelling my body. I changed my goal and decided on a strength goal rather than constantly seeking fat loss, so my training has changed with more emphasis on lifting heavy for smaller rep ranges and following a set programme based on my current abilities, workouts such as Wendlers 5-3-1 approach and a system by Christian Thibaudeau. More days off from training have been included, as well as starting some boxing sessions as a way of exercising without lifting more weights and because it’s great fun. This whole change of approach has seen me lose fat, gain muscle and increase my strength on most major lifts, including hitting a deadlift personal best of 182.5Kg.

Sometimes I think we can get lost in the idea that we need to sacrifice more and more to get the results we want. If you are someone who, in your opinion, trains fairly regularly and “eats well”, but isn’t getting the results they desire, maybe it’s time to look at the details of what you’re doing and start training smarter rather than simply “doing more”. By actually doing less and eating more I managed to get results I’d been after for a long time.

My next goal is to join the 200Kg deadlift club by July and gain more muscle and complete the Edinburgh Tough Mudder in June. Both of these things are going to see me training smart and eating smart.

If you’d like help getting smarter with hitting your fitness goals, contact me, David, on 07919353614, @ballavont on twitter or via e-mail bally26@msn.com.



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