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I’ve been getting some pretty decent results lately, both my training in the gym and my nutrition seem to have worked well together and I’ve made a lot of progress. Leaner, stronger plus just feeling pretty good. Over the last month or so I feel like I’ve needed a little bit of guidance to take myself to the next level, I decided to contact someone who I’ve noticed that gets results with people similar to myself and would be able to help me progress. So from the 16th of June I’ll be following a nutrition guide designed for me by another personal trainer from the other side of the world, hopefully so I can get some lean gainz*.

Now don’t get me wrong this isn’t a method of advertising other personal trainers, I’m confident in my ability to help people with diet, exercise and to push them during sessions in the gym. But sometimes I think it’s important to get an outsiders opinion, especially when it comes to the details. Nobody can know everything and you should never be embarrassed to ask for help or except a different opinion. Maybe I’m doing something that isn’t optimal that I never realised, maybe my protein intake is too high for the results I’m looking for, maybe my nutrition around training isn’t optimal.

So whatever stage you’re at with your training or nutrition, if you feel like things have stalled a little then be brave and ask for someone elses opinion, someone who you think has something to offer that’s different from what you’ve tried before. A fresh perspective might be just what you need.


If you would like some help from a fresh perspective contact me, David, on 07919353614 @ballavont or bally26@msn.com  


*correct spelling



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