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Obstacle courses seem to becoming the new thing to do, tough mudder, total warrior and spartan races are the names of the increasingly popular challenges people are setting themselves to show how fit they are. For example for those who haven’t heard of it, tough mudder is a roughly 12 mile off road run often through thick mud, with various types of obstacles throughout the route. For example some can be as simple as the hero walls, a 9ft wall you have to climb over or boa constrictor, which is a crawl through a tight tunnel. Some are slightly more extreme, such as Arctic Enema®, where you have to swim through an ice bath and under wooden planks, or Electroshock therapy® where you run through electrically charged wires that have 10,000 volts running through them. (Check out the other obstacles on https://toughmudder.co.uk/obstacles).

The events also differ from normal runs in that you run as a team, not on your own and there’s no winner/loser. The only goal is for you and your team to make it around, you help each other every step of the way, as you literally as you drag them out of the mud or hoist them over the top of obstacles.


I have just completed my first tough mudder, my team and I had been booked to do tough mudder since January and in that time we have tried to do some training specific to the course. The goal of having this event has seen me and my friends getting together most sundays to do some specific exercises to try and get us into shape. Lots and lots of pull ups, commando crawling across mats, monkey bar swings, prowler sprints and keg carries. Here’s a full breakdown of the final session I did the week before tough mudder.


Press Ups 6 sets of 20secs as many as possible.

Pull ups 4sets


Each minute on the minute (EMOM) 5sets

10 Overhead Press

10 Squats

6 Burpees


Monkey Bar swings 3 meters into bear crawls for 10 meters 5mins non-stop


1min at each station for (rest 1min, 3ets)

Battle rope slams

Keg carries

Prowler pushes (team of 3)


So last week I spent my saturday up in edinburgh running tough mudder with 9 of my pals. It was amazing, all of my team attempted every obstacle with none of them being missed out. We had emotional parts where fears were overcome and tired legs as we got towards the finish. Strangely invigorated by jumping into ice cold water and never enjoying a pint as much as I did at the finish line. I personally would love another go at hangin tough, a series of gymnastics rings hanging over a water pit, which I fell off about half way through.


The point of this blog really is not about tough mudder but about goal setting, the goal of doing tough mudder has got many of my pals into a gym and doing exercise that they wouldn’t have otherwise done. Most had not really lifted weights and weren’t used to the self determination needed when training this way. People were out doing distance runs, we did beach training on one day to test our legs. Plus as we all lead busy lives and don’t see each other as much as we’d like, the group training meant we were seeing friends at least once a week and having a “great” time as we trained. Having this goal has left all of the team fitter and stronger than we were 6 months ago.


Having a goal is an absolute must when it comes to training. Find something personal to YOU, fat loss, marathon, deadlift max, what do YOU want to achieve and then go for it, you’ll find the effort you put in increases exponentially.

Well done to Alex Tams, Chris Knox, Charlotte Morton, Adrian Blackett, Joe Walter, Gary Carney, Alex Marsh. Thanks to Claire Blackett for taking loads of great photos and well done and thanks to of my wife Joanne Ball who had the ridiculous idea in the first place.


If you enjoyed this blog please like it and share it and if you would like any advice on your fitness goal, whatever it may be, contact me David Ball on 07919353614, @ballavont on twitter, or bally26@msn.com.



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