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The trainers here at Storm believe that constant education is vital to being a great PT. If you ever think you know it all, you’ll stagnate and the results your clients get will do just the same. Thats why we are constantly learning from each other, reading and taking courses. I’ve (David) just returned from a trip to the Irish Strength Institute in Malahide, just outside of Dublin. The course was over two days, the first days title was “Energy systems training” and the second day was “Modified strongman training”.


Day 1 was, in general terms, about how to best programme sessions and how to make them specific to your clients goals. This included information about how to use ratios of time working and time resting, to best help the client achieve their goals. Explaining amongst other things how there are many options open to us to vary a workout, other than changing a prescribed exercise, for example more or less rest compared to work, number of sets or reps, the intensity of the exercise. How fast, explosive, heavy weights are the best tools for fat loss and constant variance is vital to a HIIT workout.


Day 2 continued along similar themes but showed us how we can use modified strongman training to work energy systems. We were also taught about the 150m sprint test, we were spared doing the test ourselves on the first day due to rain but unfortunately the rain cleared for the sunday and we were put through the test. It basically involved sprinting between 5m cones for 30secs and seeing how far you can get. 30secs rest then go again. This was really awful to say the least, but very interesting. The drop off on distance covered would give the trainer an idea of what to work on during sessions, power or work capacity. A few of my clients may get to experience this very soon!!!


Probably the best reason for taking this course was all of the little nuggets of information that the lecturer, Eoin Lacey, kept dropping in. Information about, nutrition, anatomy, training, supplementation, workout ideas and lots more. All things which will help me give a better service to my clients.


If you would like advice with your training or nutrition, you can contact Storm at or myself David on twitter @ballavont, instagram DAVIDBALLPT


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