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Things I’ve learned this year.


Last year was a busy time for everyone at Storm and I found myself changing as a coach more than I ever have before. So here’s 10 things I learned from 2014.

1. I’m stronger than I thought. Don’t be frightened to add those extra plates. Far too many people stick to what’s comfortable and never change what they lift, “I know I can get 5 reps with 100kg, 102.5kg I might fail”. So what if you fail? You only get 4 or maybe 3, that doesn’t make it a failure, you’ve still subjected your body to a stimulus it’s never had before. Hell you might even get 5 and you’ve been cheating yourself all that time, trust me lifting something you didn’t think you could is very fulfilling.

2. Be aggressive with the big lifts, your going for a 1 rep max, don’t approach the bar like you’re going to give it a cuddle, be aggressive, set yourself and go all out. Mind games play a major part in 1 rep maxs and being scared before you even start isn’t going to help.

3.Want to change your physique? Calories DO count.

4. 30secs sprinting with 30secs rest sucks massively.

5. People really like to argue about whether calories count.

6. There is no argument, they DO count.

7. Apparently putting a video online of your deadlift 1 rep max attempt allows anyone and everyone to critique your flawless technique. Be prepared for criticism of anything you put online.

8. Taking the time to track progress is vital. 2014 was the first full year of me using a ISAK skinfold measurement to track progress with clients and it has made a huge difference. Clients are more careful following nutrition plans and it gives the opportunity to discuss any thoughts/problems with the plan. It also gives me an insight into whether anything needs to be tweaked within the nutrition plan.

9. Get a coach/training partner/PT. So I’m a Personal trainer so I know everything right. Well in June a hired a nutrition coach. I already had gained some great results with a change in approach with my nutrition, but decided I wanted to make further progress and also learn from someone I respected. 6 months later, I’ve achieved a lot physique wise but also learnt an incredible amount, information I can pass on. Also about 3 months ago I also started training with Robbie from Storm, his encouragement and advice have also been huge in changing my body this year. So cheers Robbie, especially for the 8-8-16 sets we did on quads all those weeks ago. I’m now excited about trying to significantly reduce my body fat in the new year and using others to help me reach that goal.

10. If you want to gain size you have to eat all the time. I used to moan about never being able to grow and it’s only now that I realise I simply wasn’t consuming enough. If you’re not getting bigger then you’re not consuming enough calories, simple. Trying to get a lot of calories from “healthy” foods can be a real struggle. The type of weight you gain is dependent on how much of it there is, it’s quality and what the macro breakdown is. But simply put eat eat eat.

If you want some help in the new year with your exercise goals, contact me David @ballavont on twitter, DAVIDBALLPT on Instagram or Info@storm-fitness.com.


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