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New Years Training


Since the new year I’ve been following the John Meadows reactive pump programme, http://www.t-nation.com/workouts/reactive-pump-hypertrophy, the week is split into,

Monday – Legs

Tuesday – Heavy Chest

Wednesday – Heavy Back

Thursday – Legs

Friday – Chest Pump

Saturday – Arms


The workouts change slightly every 2 weeks, with a focus on really feeling the muscle that you want to grow, so squeezing the pecs constantly to force a contraction during a bench press is more important than simply packing the weight on and moving from A to B.


Its been a real change of direction with my training involving lots of bands, chains, drop sets, assisted reps, post rep stretching and static holds. Check out the sessions and give it a go, here’s an example of one part of a leg session in week 5.


A1 – Leg Press 1×32 reps (drop the weight every 8 reps)

Immediately do a 30secs quad stretch.

A2 – Walking lunge 10 on one side then the other, with chains.

Immediately do a 30secs quad stretch.

A3 – Walking Lunge 10 each side with 2 sets of chains, drop the chains and do as many as possible non-stop.

Immediately do a 30secs quad stretch.


Enjoy trying that one.


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