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PhotoGrid_1425557621328The prowler at Storm is one of most loathed pieces of kit, the reason? It’s so tough. (see picture of me, David, after some laps). REALLY tough, but there’s a reason we use it so much, it’s fantastically effective at sending clients heart rates through the roof. This is great for our fat loss clients, recently I’ve been giving them different ratios of work to rest to allow the heart rate to go through the roof then drop right back down, for example 20secs work followed by 1min 40secs rest. This might seem like a lot of rest, but I have to stress to the client that with a max effort on the 20secs of work it won’t seem like a lot of rest. Plus if you keep the rest to low you won’t be able to go all out on your next run and then it becomes an endurance battle which isn’t what we want. You can try something similar on a bike or rower at your own gym, but remember you have to go ABSOLUTELY ALL OUT for 20secs, then 1 min 40secs of slow steady cycling to allow your heart rate to drop. Try it for 7 rounds.

On Tuesday two of my clients were completing this protocol and needed a bit more motivation on the prowler, so my music choice for them, “Bat out of hell” Meatloaf, perfect for when pushing a big lump of metal up and down Storm. So what’s your go to tune when completing the conditioning part of your workout?


Contact info@storm-fitness.com, or @ballavont on twitter, DAVIDBALLPT on instagram if you’d like more advice on nutrition and training.


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