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Over the last 4 weeks I’ve completed a strength day for upperbody and lowerbody, then a “growth” day later in the week for upper and lower again. This was stage 2 of the Christian Thibaudeau “Beast building” programme.

Here’s a breakdown of the growth session from the lower body workout.

2 exercises were completed as a superset with 90secs between the exercises. Front Squats for 6 reps and then RDL for 6 reps, 5 sets. Simple and really tough, 1 exercise to hit the hamstrings and 1 to focus on the quads.

Again as a superset the next 2 exercises were leg presses and reverse hyperextensions, this time 4 sets for 8 reps.

Finally the same sets and reps as the previous exercise, this time a lying leg extension followed by calf raises.

A lot of focus on the hamstrings in this session, which is often overlooked on leg days, most people who actually do complete a leg session put an over emphasis on quads with exercises like the leg press and leg extensions, coupled with over use of quad dominate machines like the stationary bike and treadmill, an imbalance between the quad and hamstring will develop. If you’re one of those gym goers expect a lot of DOMS from this session.


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