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Eating nuts is a great option for a snack. Packed full of mono-saturated fats, fibre and protein, they are filling and tasty. Varying the type you eat offers different quantities of micronutrients as well, each type can offer different vitamins and minerals, almonds for example are high in calcium, brazils high in selenium, so constantly varying the type will offer different nutrient benefits.

But with all of those benefits there is a catch and that is the amount of calories in them, many believe that calories don’t count when it comes to body composition, but unfortunately they do, and for every 25g of pecan nuts, for example, you’ll be adding approximately 190 calories to your daily intake, mainly through the 18g of fat. This is from a portion the same size as the one in the attached photo. That’s a lot of calories from a relatively small portion of food.

Don’t get me wrong, the lesson here isn’t to demonise nuts and tell you never to eat them again, rather that if you are going to choose this nutritious snack just be aware that TOO many will scupper body composition goals, just like any other food eaten in large quantities. An excess of calories will cause you to gain weight regardless of the other health benefits. This goes for all foods, try and be aware of more than just the fact someone has told you it’s good for you, “it’s fresh food, it’s clean”. Calories do still count so you need to be aware of them.

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