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Cardio intervals

2015-06-14 17.25.54

Here’s my client Andy absolutely loving using the prowler for some cardio work. He’s just started here at Storm and to help him get up to speed I’ve had him doing some prowler sprints.

These sessions take around 10mins and are based on a work to rest ratio. For every second that it takes Andy to make the distance he gets a certain amount of rest. Whenever we train I change a certain aspect, the ratio, weight on the prowler, distance to travel, sets. But the most important thing for these sessions to work is that Andy gives it absolutely 100% every time he has to work, I want him to be sprinting, every set, no matter what.

So on this day we did 8 sets of 15m sprints at a 1:5 ratio with 5kg on the prowler. He was pretty much hitting this distance in about 6sec so his rest was 30secs. Next time he’ll do double the distance but only 5 sets.

You could try this yourself in the gym on a bike, rower or treadmill by aiming for a distance in just the same way. Or even just normal sprints without the prowler.



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