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Leg Day


Last Tuesday was my first new leg session from my current programme “Beast Building”.

So the first two exercises were a descending wave, then 5 sets with changing reps, plus 3 sets of 12 with a finisher thrown in. I think I got the weights pretty spot on for this workout, but my plan is to create progressive overload so I want to make miniscule increases to the weight every week, even just an extra 2.5kg on the front squat is going to make a hell of a difference to an already tough session.

Here’s the workout. It’s awful.

3 days of DOMS, after this.

A1 Front Squat


2mins rest between sets

Waved rep ranges 7-5-3 then repeat.

B1 Defecit Deadlifts

B2 Walking Lunges

90secs between sets

2×10, 2×8, 1×6

C1 Leg Press (As many partial reps as possible on the last set)

C2 Lying Leg Curl (half rep after every full rep)

60secs between sets



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