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How to fit a “cheat” into a macro plan.


Using a calorie counting plan is often demonised as a way of allowing yourself to eat rubbish, but I use it as a way to encourage people to eat lots of quality proteins, vegetables rice and potatoes and fats like avocado and olive oil PLUS a beer and/or piece of cake. (Not necessarily at the same time)

By knowing how much protein, fats and carbs they’re eating, my clients can allow themselves something that wouldn’t usually be considered “healthy”.

But how can you go about doing that?

If there’s something I know I’m going to have later that day, I will put that item into myfitness pal first thing in the morning and make sure I know the macros. Is it high in fat? High in carbs? Both? I can then look to alter what I have the rest of the day to allow for that. So if I know I’m going to have 100g of Ben and Jerrys Utter Butter Clutter Cookie Core Ice cream (AMAZING) for after my tea, I know this is will take up a significant portion of my daily fat intake so after logging it first thing in the morning I can then adjust the rest of my daily intake so that I still hit my macro goals. I may have to eat leaner cuts of meat for the day and shrink my portion size with things like nuts/eggs/avocado but I make sure that I’m getting the rest of my macros through sensible choices.

Now I’m not trying to say that this method works for everyone, some people can’t stop at the portion they’ve assigned themselves and would end up eating the whole tub, I’ve been there. Some level of self discipline is still required to make it work.

The same plan works if you know you’re going to be eating out that evening, but aren’t sure what it’ll be. Simply try and keep some free macros so that when you look at the menu you have more options open to you, again do this by being super rigid during the day getting plenty of protein and veg in but maybe having a little less than usual of carbs and fats.

I’m not trying to encourage this as an everyday occurrence, avoiding things like avocados and nuts so you can eat ice cream isn’t the right thing to do regularly. But I do believe you should allow yourself a little of what you fancy once in a while, rather than living a life of constant sacrifice. It certainly won’t scupper your body composition goals to have a treat within the guidelines of your macro plan.

If you’d like more info on tracking your macros contact me, David at storm-fitness. You can also follow me @ballavont on twitter and DAVIDBALLPT on instagram


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