David Ball PT

Storm Fitness PT

Arms Race


Wednesdays have been arms days recently, workout 3 of the week. What better way to finish a long day then a huge arm session.

A1 Narrow Preacher Curl

A2 Close grip bench press

Waved rep ranges 7-5-3 then repeat

75secs between exercises

B1 Incline DB Hammer Curl

B2 Decline EZ Bar Tricep ext

2×10, 2x 8, 1×6

75secs between exercises

C1 Wide Preacher Curl (Partials on last set, at the bottom then the top)

C2 Rope cable tricep ext (Partials on last set, at the top then the bottom)


Partials on last set,

60secs between exercises

Safeties off.


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