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Eating enough to grow


Let’s talk about those who want all the gainz. Or more specifically those who struggle to gain weight.

Guys who struggle to gain muscle are, probably, reasonably tall, long limbs, little muscle mass and probably quite lean, a body type known as a ectomorph. Guys who are this kind of body shape usually make one major mistake when trying to gain weight or specifically muscle. They might have a decent workout in place but they simply don’t eat enough food, if you don’t eat enough you won’t grow. They usually think that they easily consume enough calories, the amount of guys who say “But I eat loads”. If you’re not growing you’re not eating enough.

There’s a reason these guys are skinny. You must put yourself into a slight calorie surplus to achieve any growth, more calories in than calories out. If you’re looking at the scale week after week with nothing happening you need to eat more.


I’m very much a guy who in the past has struggled to gain weight and the picture attachment  is just some of the food I ate in one day last week, which is helping me to finally make some gainz. This is around 3650 calories from 225g of Protein. 440g of carbs and 110g of fat.This has helped me gain about 2.3kg  in the last 2 months, slowly bringing my calories higher and higher to try and gain muscle not fat. Making weight gainz through just eating chicken and broccoli is going to be very hard as you just can’t get enough calories in.

Try tracking what you eat, take notice of any fat/weight gain and then adjust accordingly. Not gaining? More calories.

A decent point to start is to get a rough calorie goal by calculating your total daily energy expenditure (TDEE).

First calculate your Basic Metabolic rate,

BMR = 370 + (21.6*Lean body mass)

Then multiply this number by

1.2 if you train 1-3 hours per week

1.35 if you train 4-6 hours per week

1.5 if you train 6 hours or more

This gives you your TDEE and roughly the number of calories you need to eat to stay at the same body weight.

So for some who is 75kg and 18% body fat and train 3 hours per week

BMR = 370 + (21.6*61.5)

BMR = 1698

TDEE = BMR*1.2

TDEE = 2038 calories

Try it for a couple of weeks CONSISTENTLY and see what happens, if you’ve gained around a kilo you should be on the right track. I wouldn’t recommend any faster weight gain than this as it may lead to fat gain as well. Nothing happened? Go a little higher. Too much? Go a little lower. Trial and error is key, use the above calculation as a guide only, a starting point to move forward.

Want some help calculating your lean body mass or help keeping track of your macronutrients, to help to try ensure you gain as much muscle as possible rather than just weight? That’s something I can help you with, contact me David at bally26@msn.com. I’m also on twitter and instagram @davidballPT


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