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When I’m going to squat during my gym sessions I like to make sure I get a thorough warm up with some foam rolling and mobility drills. Here are two things which I found have really helped with my squat depth and ensuring my abs are fully engaged to protect my back.

Fire hydrants, on all fours imagine your drawing as wide a circle as possible with your knee. Keep both arms completely straight at all times and try to feel as though the movement is coming from the hip. Try 5 in one direction, 5 in the other then repeat on the other leg.

Plate squat, try this if you struggle to get down into the squat and tend to lean a little too far forward from the hips.

Stand in a squat position and hold a light plate straight out in front of your body, 5kg is more than enough. Take a deep breath in, filling the stomach and lungs with air and then brace the abs, pushing the hips back first, drop down into your squat as low as you can.

The plate should help you to counter balance and ensure you can sit back and gain more depth. Try around 5 reps, constantly keeping the abs braced and keep the best form possible, if possible on the last rep try putting the plate onto the floor and just sit at the bottom of the squat, try and get used to what it’s like in that position. Move into your warm up sets using the barbell and try and recreate the same movement pattern you just had.
Check out my instagram account to see a video of me performing these mobility drills @davidballPT


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