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The last 3 weeks of training have been pretty tough, lots of volume from the amount of sets in the workout, little rest between supersets, plus the heat. But the hardest part has been continuously adding a small amount of weight every session. This is one form of progressive overload.

So week 1 was a weight I knew was probably not my max, but it was still challenging and coupled with another exercise and little rest, made it a tough session and the days after the workout I was very sore. I did get every rep of every set though so the following week I added the smallest amount of weight possible and again got every rep so week 3 I added a little more weight again.

So here was how my weights changed for my sets of front squats over the weeks.

7 5 3 7 5 3
Week 1 80kg 85kg 90kg 85kg 90kg 95kg
Week 2 82.5kg 87.5kg 92.5kg 87.5kg 92.5kg 97.5kg
Week 3 85kg 87.5kg 95kg 90kg 95kg 100kg

It’s very easy to stick with what you know you can manage, doing 3 reps @90kg was tough but doable for me and eventually moving up to 100kg was mentally and physically challenging, but even if I’d only got 4 reps it would have challenged my body in a way it never been challenged before.  Going into that dark place of “I might get the reps” is a much harder place to go but the benefits will be there for all to see.

This is just one form of progressive overload, week by week, increasing the stress that you place the body under will force the body to adapt. It doesn’t has to be done via weight increases, you could do this with more sets/reps/number of exercises/less rest but unless something changes with every session, just by the smallest amount, you’ll stop adapting. So if you’ve been following the same programme for a while, try cutting 30secs from your rest periods, stick an extra 1.25kg plate on each side of the bar or add an extra set to each exercise and see if you start making progress again.

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