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4 weeks of fat loss


New meso cycle of training for me this week, 4 weeks of following a body fat reduction protocol written by Lyle Mcdonald. I’ve been gradually increasing calories over the last 12 weeks and I’m now going to try 4 weeks trying to lose some body fat. The protocol is quite complex and needs to be completed alongside a certain way of training in the gym, but I’ll give a brief description of how it works here. Do bare in mind that this is designed for those people who are already reasonably lean and those who know what their macro intake is. Also please bear in mind that any of the numbers I mention regarding macros are purely specific to me and are based around what I know my current numbers are and what I need to eat, to grow/lose fat.

So Mon/Tues/Weds every week I’m on poverty macros, half of my current amount (weeps) my protein stays the same as previous weeks and is counting for around half of my total, minimal fat and very minimal carbs. This, alongside my training, should mean by thursday i’m extremely glycogen depleted due to a lack of carbohydrates. On thursday I take a very similar approach up until a evening workout, after this workout I then start hitting the carbs, hitting them hard. 1000g until friday night. Saturday and Sunday will then be slightly below maintenance calories.

The idea behind all of this is to try and create a scenario where your body has no glycogen available for energy so utilises fat stores instead, then to help stop any loss of muscle a huge refeed.

I’m going to take my weight everyday plus take a photo to track progress, it’s all a trial to see what kind of results I can get and is by no means for everyone. I view it as an education to give me more options when training clients, if I get some awesome results at the same time then this workout will get a double thumbs up.

Over the next few weeks I’ll also post the workouts I’ve been completing everything from high reps/low reps, slow steady cardio and circuits.


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