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Why do you really want that doughnut?


The hoppings was back in Newcastle a few weeks ago, basically the largest travelling fairground in Europe, big rides, hook the duck, terrible food and terrible weather are all part of the fun. I have to admit I love it and walking around with a pack of mini doughnuts is something I really look forward to.

On my way to work I have to go past this fairground and get to enjoy the smell of doughnuts drifting across the road and once this smell hits my nostrils it’s all I can think about. So when trying to achieve body composition goals, getting a pack of doughnuts everyday for a week is no good, so how do you deal with the temptation?

The first thing to understand is that the body is simply doing it’s job, when you smell something tempting your body releases Dopamine, this drug tells you that you need it, you want it, if you don’t have it immediately then you’ll cease to exist. This release isn’t designed to make you feel good though, it’s designed to make you feel anxious about not having it, therefore you desire it more. Dopamine also forces the release of stress hormones which make us anxious and desire the reward even more. Your body actually has the same reaction to any desire, those new shoes or gadget in the shop window.

This response is from a time when humans would spend long periods of time not eating, so when food became available, your brain would do everything it could to make you eat as much as possible because you couldn’t be sure when the next opportunity to eat would come. In the world we live in now, with food readily available, this is a major problem when pursuing body composition goals.

So what do you do, the plan from most people is to try and forget the temptation, “no I don’t want it, just ignore it” unfortunately the body is smart, Dopamine and now stress hormones keep on being produced trying to convince you to fulfil your desire and nagging thought will stay at the back of your mind. Rather than trying to forget the desire, a more sensible approach is to try and confront the temptation and rationalise it. So when it comes to a food that you know will spoil your body composition goals, you need to confront the reality “yes this looks delicious I know I’ll enjoy it, but thats 5mins of enjoyment (it usual takes me 1min to shovel 6 mini doughnuts into my face), what will that do to my goals, I said I wanted to drop 2 dress sizes for my holiday and this will put a huge question mark against wether I can achieve that.”

Thanks to Michael Matthews and his book “Bigger, Leaner, Stronger”

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