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A new type of workout.


As part of my 4 week fat loss strategy my workouts have changed dramatically, 4 weight sessions per week, plus cardio, both HIIT and steady state workouts all in very different ways.

The first 2 workouts of the week are high rep workouts designed to burn lots of glycogen, so Monday was a quads and chest day, Tuesday was hamstrings and back.

So Monday was

A1 Back Squats 3×20

A2 Bench Press 3×20

(See Video)

B1 DB Heel raised Squats 3×12 1 and a half reps

B2 DB Shoulder Press 3×12 1 and a half reps

C Sled Drag 3x40m

D1 Leg Ext 3×20

D2 Lat Raise 3×20

Tuesday was

A1 Deadlifts 3×20

A2 Prone Row 3×20

B1 Back Extensions 3×20

B2 Seated Row 3×20

C1 Lying Leg Curl 3×12 1 and a half reps

C2 Lat Pulldown 3×12 5 partials at the end of the set.

D Standing Calf Raises 3x30reps, 10secs pause at the top of every 10th rep

1min rest between each set of exercises. I also did a 30min row in the evening. The weight workout nearly crushed me because it was tough, the row because it’s a real mental challenge.

Check out my instagram @DAVIDBALLPT for a super fast video of my 20 reps on squats and bench press.


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