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Gyms form the movies.

Movie Gyms

David here, I love good movie, so I started thinking of my favourite gym based ones. Here’s my a run down of favourite gym scenes.

Most realistic. Mr Woodcock

I think this scene best sums up what it’s like to be on a treadmill and someone dares to stand on the one next to you.


Most unrealistic Dodgeball.

Loads of moments in this one but the opening globo gym advert has to be in there. “Were better then you, and we know it”.

Best Personal Trainer. Burn After Reading.

Brad Pitt doing some much needed PNF stretching techniques and really looking to open up those hips.

Most intense. Dodgeball.

This kind of behaviour is pretty much a daily occurrence at Storm but for the uninitiated it can be a little intimidating.

Best montage. Rocky 4

Would this be any kind of a list without a Rocky montage in it? East meets West. “If I can change and you can change. Everybody can change”.

Best full package. Pumping Iron.

Arnold. That is all.

Anyone got any suggestions to add to this list. Is average joes better then Globogym? Is Rocky 1 the real champion of training montages? Let us know what you think


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