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Bar position on a back squat.


Click on my instagram page to see a video of me back squatting last week, just a little snippet from a longer set. (DAVIDBALLPT) Videoing yourself with certain techniques can be a great way to show little things that need to be worked on during a lift.

Over the last couple of months I’ve been trying to focus on the depth of my squat whilst not over arching my lower back, not leaning forward excessively and keeping my heels down, this was after some tips from a colleague and also looking at an older video.

The line on the video shows the path that I would like the bar to take, straight down towards the floor, excessively leaning forwards will pull me onto my toes and put extra strain on my back. As you can see at the bottom portion in particular the bar travels slightly forward some work is still requires but I’m really pleased with my improvement especially considering this was 10 reps in.

This is a fairly common technique flaw when squatting so if you notice yourself doing a similar thing, try the warm up techniques I posted on my instagram page a few weeks ago (DAVIDBALLPT), hip rotations and plate squats. Also, using a cricket ball/foam roller on the hips and quads and activating the glutes will help with your form. Ensure you focus on driving the hips back first, rather than the knees, something I had to work as I had developed a habit of pushing my knees forward first.

Try examining your own technique in this way and you may notice some little pointers which may really help to improve your technique. Even better, get a knowledgeable trainer to take a look and they may be able to give you a few pointers.


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