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I’ve been trying to do 2-3 cardio workouts per week to help lose some extra calories, ideally I’d like to be running outside to prepare for tough mudder but a bad achilles has left me unable to run. I find 30 mins of constant machine cardio a tremendous drag, I’ve done a few 30mins rows and found them a real mental challenge, so I tried to make it a little more interesting by breaking things up a little. Give this a try if you’re getting a little tired of your usual steady state cardio.

5mins warm up

Bike 6 sets of 10secs sprinting with 20secs rest (All out intensity)

Immediately into 10mins of steady cardio allowing your heart rate to slowly drop.

Kettlebell swings 10 reps every 30sec mark for 6 sets.

Repeat 10mins on the bike

Prowler sprints 15m every 30sec mark for 6 sets.

Repeat 10mins on the bike.
This should take you in total around 45mins, moving as quickly as possible between stations. You can replace any of the exercises for ones you enjoy or have the equipment for, change the bike for the cross trainer or treadmill. Burpees or jump squats instead of the prowler.

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One comment on “Cardio sessions

  1. Nicole Chamberlin
    August 6, 2015

    great ideas, thanks! definitely following..my instagram is @fitnessandhealthspot

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