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Tracking your progress is vital to any weight gain/loss plan. You could do this with tape measurements, scale readings, photos and body fat measurements.

But however you choose to do it don’t expect your weight gain/loss to be completely linear, it’s extremely unlikely that you will make continuous progress in the direction you hope week by week and even when you do sometimes people can get disheartened by only a few lbs lost.

This is why it’s important to look at the bigger picture, look at your results over a few readings rather than from one session to the next. One pound lost may at the time not seem like a lot, but when you look over a few weeks of measurements, dropping little by little can really add up. Even a slight increase may in the long run not be the end of the world.


For example the attached graph show my weight and waist measurements over 16 weeks, over this period my weight loss is quite linear but on a couple of occasions towards the end of the graph my weight loss stalls and my weight actually went up. On those occasions it was vital that I stay the course and not panic thinking I’d done something wrong. If you know that you’ve not gone off course with your diet or training, trust the process and wait a little longer before panicking.

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