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Beetroot, pine nut and goats cheese salad


Nothing particularly fancy here really, prep time was all about chopping and a little bit of warming things up, about 15mins of prep in total. But ended up with a really tasty and surprisingly filling salad, high in protein and fibre, loads of colour from all the different veg. I also had some very posh walnut and fig bread from marks and spencer alongside it which was amazing and is my new favourite. The great thing about this dish for me is it’s versatility with the amount of macros I need. I can change the amount of pine nuts to alter the fat, goats cheese to bring fats and protein up or down, on this day I needed more protein so cooked some chicken to add to the dish. The bread of course upped the amount of carbs in the dish but could have easily been removed. My salad was rocket and spinach leaves, pickled onions, roasted peppers and tomatoes, but I would recommend eating the salad ingredients that you enjoy.

So I had around 60g of goats cheese, 75g of chicken, 10g pine nuts and 100g of bread.

Macros were

PRO = 45g

CARB = 41g

FAT =    29g

(not including calories from salad ingredients)


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