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Lifting big to get big.


Guys hitting the gym usually have only two thoughts when it comes to exercise selection, is it an arm or chest exercise. Science has shown that these are things that make men more attractive* so only right to hit them as often as possible. What other muscles are there? 3 sets of 10 bench presses, 3 sets of 10 dumbbell curls, 3 sets of 10 tricep pulldown, 3 sets of 10 barbell curl, maybe throw in a cheeky drop set just to get a pump on.

Of course I’m generalising hugely, but most guys in the weights room are hoping for a growth of muscle and a reduction in body fat to show that muscle off, therefore it’s the upper body muscles that deserve the attention. When it come to muscle growth though you need to be stimulating as many muscles in the body as possible and you need to be doing it with heavy weights.

If you’re someone who struggles to gain muscle one of the first things I would suggest is start lifting heavier (80%+ of your 1 RM) and keep the rep ranges low, no more than 6. Most guys are used to sticking between the rep range of 8-12 reps so let’s change it up. Exercise selection needs to be where you’re using multiple muscle all at the same time, squats, deadlifts, bench press, lunges, pull ups, those kind of moves. Focusing on training all the different muscles in the body with heavy weights will encourage testosterone and growth hormone production which will stimulate muscle growth.

Unless you’ve got loads of time in the gym, focus on using your time wisely and simply, lift heavy for multiple sets of these big lifts. I used to see so many guys doing exercises like cable crossovers and leg extensions, when their time could have been spent on extra sets of bench presses or adding some front squats to a leg session. I also like to throw in some heavy carries/pushes/pulls in at the end of sessions, again using weights that the body isn’t used too.

A simple upperbody session could be as simple as


Bench Press

Bent over Row

2sets of 6, 2sets of 4, 1 set as many reps as possible with the same weight as the last set of 4.

60-90secs between exercises

Pull Ups

Military Press

2sets of 6, 2sets of 4, 1 set as many reps as possible with the same weight as the last set of 4.

Farmers Walk 8sets of 25m walks 30secs rest.

It’s a simple programme, but if you’re struggling to see any results from your sessions, maybe try this kind of structure, add in a similar workout for your legs and it could make a huge difference to your body composition (although, as always, diet is key as well)If you need any help developing a nutrition and training regime that’s right for you give me a message on facebook or bally26@msn.com, you can also follow me on instagram and twitter @DAVIDBALLPT

*may or not be true


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