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6 weeks of fat loss.


Through the end of July and most of August I tried a slightly different approach to losing body fat, I’ve previously mentioned what I was going to try, it’s a complicated approach, so to cut a long story short it’s basically 3 and a half days of a very low carb diet with high rep training followed by 2 very high carb days with low rep training. The weekend was more maintenance, neither high nor low carb. (All specific to me I hasten to add)

How did it go? Well I dropped a total of 2.6kg and lost 3cm from my waist, not bad going when I was already relatively lean. I feel like I dropped body fat rather than muscle and certainly noticed a difference in photos. All good news.

The negatives of all this though, first, well it was undoubtable unsustainable, the low carb days were pretty miserable and high rep training on low carbs doesn’t feel great. The higher days pretty much involved me literally stuffing my face with carbs. That may sound great but the high carb days weren’t particularly high fat, therefore I wasn’t able to reach for pizza and doughnuts, you can only eat so much rice and sweet potato and I actually got a large amount from simply drinking liquid carbs while I trained. The nature of my job also allowed me to follow the plan quite closely, macro counting can be a little time consuming, this took that to another level. Perhaps others might find following constantly changing numbers even more confusing and time consuming.

So what I did for 2 weeks was I ate the same amount of calories that I’d been having success with, but just averaged them through the whole week, same amount of protein, carbs and fats everyday. What effect has this had, well I’ve lost another 1kg of weight and another 1cm from my waist. This has proved easier in preparation terms and also I havn’t had to deal with the low energy on low carb days, nor stuffing my face on two other days.

Does this prove anything? Well I think it shows that over complicating things isn’t perhaps necessary, eating a regular amount of macros day after day and staying in a deficit is the most important thing. Maybe if I was Sub 8% body fat and getting ready for a physique show it might make that vitally important difference at that ultra low level. For the average person though I think eating enough calories over the course of a week, that still allows you to lose body fat, is the absolute priority.


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