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Last monday I started on a reverse diet, designed to get me growing some lean muscle with the minimum amount of fat gain that almost certainly comes with growth. After a week away from the gym and not thinking about my food intake i’m going to see what I can achieve.

My programme is going to consist of three full body heavy sessions, two intensive cardio sessions that will still involve lifting weights plus a more active recovery session once per week.

Most importantly I’ve worked out how I’m going to need to eat to encourage growth, this is a very tricky thing to manage, too many calories and i’ll gain too much fat, not enough and I’ll not grow. I’ve been tracking my macro intake for around two years now, so I have a very good idea of what it takes for me to gain weight and lose weight, if I examine past information on how much I was eating when my weight steady I can pinpoint roughly where I need to start my macro intake, around 3536 calories.  

So once I know how many calories should encourage weight gain I need to figure out what quantity of macros to eat to further increase the chances of muscle rather than fat gain. I’ve decided to decrease my protein intake a little, I was eating a lot of protein and eating more the around 1g per 1lb of body weight is pointless so I’ve dropped just a touch, still high though 200g everyday. I’ve also decided to get a higher amount of my calories through fats, I enjoy things like eggs, cheese, nuts so I can enjoy a few more of those, 140g per day. This doesn’t however mean I’m eating low carb, I’m still eating 369g per day.

As each week goes by I’ll be watching my weight and waist too see if anything changes, too big a jump in my weight gain and i’ll lower calories a little, no increase and i’ll bring them up slightly.
I’ll pop a post on soon detailing one of my full body workouts at some point this week. Follow me on instagram and twitter @DAVIDBALLPT. Facebook at David Ball Personal Training . You can contact me with any questions on bally26@msn.com.


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