David Ball PT

Storm Fitness PT

Pesto Pasta


I love some pesto and think it goes great with pasta. It does tend to be very high in fat though, so this was a homemade pesto, really simple, a load of basil leaves whizzed up with some pine nuts, a garlic clove and some parmesan, add a drizzle of olive oil to get the right consistency. If you’re going to eat a relatively large amount of fat then getting them from pine nuts and olive oil is not a bad place at all.

This mixture was combined with tomatoes, chicken and rocket leaves. The pasta was slightly different, it was a high protein pasta made by the Dr Zak company, in the portion pictured the pasta alone was 50g of protein! Combined with the chicken it actually ended up being a bit too much protein for me in one portion and was very filling. I think it would be a great option for vegetarians though, who quite often struggle to get enough protein in their diet.


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