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So started my new programmes last week, trying to gain some muscle, Monday, Thursday and Friday I’ve been doing a full body workout.  So i’m starting each of these workouts with a big compound lift. While preparing to start these sets, getting bars set up etc I’ve been using a core exercise to get myself prepared for the lift, in the past my ab strength has been a weak point so it’s important that it’s ready to work. Then moving onto slightly higher reps but still multi jointed movements. Finishing with some slightly higher rep less rest work to get a sweat on.

Here’s the workout that I’ve been using on a monday.

Plank holds 2 sets of 60 secs

Deadlifts 6 reps

6 reps

4 reps

4 reps 2min rest

Seated Shoulder Press 3 sets of 8

Chins 3 sets of 8 1min rest

Ischemic DB Bench Press 2 sets of 12

1 Arm seated row 2 sets of 12 No rest

Waiter carries with plate 4 sets of 40m 30secs rest

Farmers Walk 8 sets of 20m 30secs rest

Get progressively heavier on the deadlifts and ensure progressive overload every week.


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